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Beauty. In Ministry.

Pretty GraceFull is a dynamic, engaging, revolutionary, transformative women's ministry dedicated to empowering young women to live their best lives with power and grace, through finding their identity in God.


Pretty GraceFull is a ministry born out of necessity: the need to develop a ministry specifically aimed at addressing the spiritual needs of young women in today's society, particularly Millennial women- those under the age of 40.


Millennials are a special subset of our society. We think differently. We relate to the world differently. And we have different expectations for every facet of our lives, including our spiritual growth.


Pretty GraceFull is women's ministry of empowerment and affirmation.


Our goal is simple: Build young women up, when the world is trying to tear them down. Connect with Millennial women, and bring them back into the church. We have developed a curriculum focused on self-esteem, self-love, and empowerment to build young women emotionally, physically, mentally, and experientially; and we have an intentional, focused spiritual foundation based on Christian, Bible-based principles, to uplift, strengthen, and grow young millenial women spiritually.


We want to empower women to live boldly for Christ with power, with grace, and with freedom. We are changing the culture, by changing our community.

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